Accident? You Can’t Believe It But The Insurance Company Is Already Calculating Their Best Savings

That’s right. It’s not about you. It’s about the adjuster figuring out a way to calculate as low an amount as possible for you to get The goal of the insurance company is to conserve settlement amount and preserve their capita for their investors. What do you think an insurance company is about anyway? It’s about creating cash flow for investors like Warren Buffett Didn’t you know that he owns Geico and it exist to create cash flow for his investments Insurance companies are about mitigating losses and hedging their bets so that they whe and more people pay and more premiums than go out and settlement claims. That’s holy stay profitable otherwise they will go out of business Again, this is not about you it’s about how the system works. If you want a different result than to lose to the house you need to start calculating your own settlement value.

A little insurance settlement justice not from the adjuster

Nobody at the corporate level of your insurance company or the other party’s insurance company is going to worry about holding your hand in making you feel better after your accident. They are looking out for their investor dollars. And well they should. That’s their job.  Your job is to look out for your own interests and start figuring out what your claim is really worth.

More about figuring that amount out right here: Figuring out your settlement’s worth.

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“Each Year the insurance companies make BILLIONS of dollars…”